P.O.Box 937, Block Q Plot No. 45/46, Njombe Tanzania


Dear our valued Guest!!!!

We are very happy to have you as our Guest. Compliance with the rules below enables us to ensure that you have a peaceful, pleasant and safe stay here at Hillside Hotel Ltd..

Rooms in the Hotel are rented by the hotel night. The hotel night lasts from 14:00pm till 10:00am the following

The Guest should notify the Reception of his/her wish to prolong his/her stay beyond the duration indicated on arrival by 9:00am of the day on which the rental period expires. The Hotel shall grant the Guest’s wish to prolong the stay subject to Rooms

Leaving belongings or remaining in the room after 12:00noon shall be regarded as automatic prolonging of the stay. If the Guest leaves the room after 12:00noon the Hotel will charge a fee for the next night at the price prevailing on the given day during checking in.

Guests may not hand the room over to other persons, even if the night for which they paid the due amount has not

Any loss, meddling of linen or damage of equipment in the room guest will suppose to pay.

Quiet time at the Hotel lasts from 23:00Hrs to 06:00Hrs of the next day. During quiet time, Guests and persons using the Hotel services have an obligation to behave properly and not to disturb the peace of stay of other

The Hotel’s liability for losses or damages of items brought into the Hotel by the Guest is Regulated by the provisions of Articles of the Civil Code. The Guest has an obligation to keep money, securities and valuable items, including jewelry and items of scientific and artistic value in a free hotel deposit at the Reception. Documents and valuable items should be kept in the safe boxes available free of charge in the rooms.

Hillside Hotel Ltd is a hotel for adults. We also welcoming Children, but Children occasionally visiting the hotel, i.e. at the restaurant, have to be under constant care and supervision of adults. Damages or losses caused by children are the responsibility of their legal

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products is completely prohibited in the hotel premises, including hotel rooms and balconies.

Guest bears full material and legal responsibility for any loss, damages or destruction of hotel furnishings and appliances resulting from his/her fault or from the fault of his/her

The Guest should immediately notify the Reception of any loss, damage or destruction of any item as soon as possible after it is

The Hotel provides its services according to its standard. In case the Guest has any complaints regarding the quality of the services rendered he/she is requested to report them at the Reception desk.

The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly breached the Hotel Rules and regulations during previous stay afflicting damage to Hotel property or to other Guest, Hotel staffs or who in any other way disturbed the peace in the Hotel.